BioFach 2014: 2nd Mini-Seminar on potato starch applications

At BioFach we will arrange our 2nd mini-seminar focusing on potato starch applications in food industry. The topic is “Potato starch as sustainable alternative to various additives in meat, bakery and other products”.
Time: Thursday 13th February at 14.00
Place: Room Nizza, NCC Mitte
Who should attend: Product developers, Quality Managers, Buyers

Mr Erkki Pöytäniemi: Short Introduction to organic potato starch production in Finland and Latvia.
Mr Janis Garancs; CEO Aloja Starkeslsen, Latvia: Potato starch as sustainable alternative to various additives in meat, bakery and other products.

Mr Garancs will cover the following main topics:
1) Starches as alternative to some additives
2) Potato starch as quality enhancer in organic meat products
3) Use of Baking powder in organic products.

Please also visit us on our stand 203 in Hall 1. Please come and discuss with us the possibilities that native and cold-swelling potato starch and organic baking powder offer to your organic product development. Please note that we can offer full application support including recipe development.

Double-function Organic Baking Powder

Our latest product is the Double-function Organic Baking Powder. We use organic potato starch as a functional bulking agent because it has clear advantages in Baking Powder:

• low swelling temperature

• excellent protective film-making properties

• increases leavening effect

• reduces moisture migration

• potato starch is 100% allergen-free including gluten-free

• potato starch is 100% GMO-free.

Organic potato starch from the leading manufacturers.

Together Finnamyl Ltd from Finland and Aloja Starkelsen Ltd from Latvia are the leading supplier of organic potato starch to the European and global market. With both companies expanding their production of organic potato starch, customers can count on high-quality, consistent, reliable and long-term supply of organic native potato starch. Please visit our web-site at


Our Organic products:

1) Organic Native Potato Starch

2) Cold-swelling (pre-gelatinized) Organic Potato Starch

3) Organic Baking Powder


Feel free to contact us for further information, offers and samples.





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