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3rd Meeting of the Section of Agronomy and Physiology of European Association for Potato Research

The 3rd Meeting of the Section of Agronomy and Physiology of EAPR (European Association for Potato Research) which will be held in Riga, Latvia on September 26-29, 2016. The meeting is organized by Priekuli Research centre of Institute of Agricultural

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Ciranda: Visiting Finnamyl and Aloja Starkelsen at harvest time

We have worked together with Ciranda Inc. in the United States since 2011 and since then North America has become one of our most important markets for organic potato starch. It is because of the great work Ciranda is doing

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Organic Baking Powder with Cream of Tartar

When we developed the Certified Organic Baking powder last year we used Monocalcium phosphate as the fast-acting acid component in the Baking Powder. Monocalcium phosphate is the commonly used acid in conventional baking powders, it functions well and it is not too

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Potato starch harvest starting in Latvia

The other week I visited Latvia in order to see organic starch potato harvest and the starch production process at Aloja Starkelsen. You can find my earlier posts last year about the harvest in Finland and the production process at

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How is the organic starch potato growing at Satakunta jail?

In the end of May we visited Satakunta jail’s organic farm in order to photograph the planting of the potatoes. Now I visited the same place with Kai Kreuzer from Unfortunately it had been recently raining so there was

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Organic starch potato planted at Satakunta jail

Most people wouldn’t know that some of the biggest organic potato fields in Finland are growing organic starch potato for the world market. As you can see elsewhere on potato starch has a wide range of applications. But it

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Health Ingredients 2012 in Frankfurt a success

OrganicPotatoStarch – ie. Aloja Starkelsen SIA and Finnamyl Ltd – participated in the Health Ingredients exhibition in Frankfurt am Main, Germany this week. The show can already be considered a success with a high number of quality-contacts. We had three

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Producing organic potato starch at Finnamyl

Last Sunday we were at Hermanni Hautala’s organic farm in Kauhava for the harvest of organic starch potato. On Thursday we saw some of those potatoes at the Finnamyl potato starch factory in Kokemäki transformed into organic potato starch. Thursday

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Harvesting organic starch potatoes in Kauhava, Finland

Hermanni Huhtala has over 100 hectares of organic starch potatoes cultivated on his farm in Kauhava, Western Finland. In total he has an organic farm with over 500 hectares making his farm one of the biggest organic farms in Finland.

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