Organic SAGO Potato Pearls

Pearl porridge is delicious with cinnamon and milk.

Potato pearls is a traditional potato starch product in Northern Europe. Now Finnamyl Ltd is the last manufacturer that still produces it. In Finland most people now the product as “Helmi-puuro” or “Pearl Porridge”. For the international market we have chosen to call it SAGO Potato Pearls as it resembles the Asian Sago pearls.

SAGO potato pearls
SAGO potato pearls are available as a consumer packed carton box or in big bags.

Enjoy your pearls in hot porridges, puddings, pancakes, sweet desserts and pies. In desserts you can develop a nice pulpy texture to the product as alternative to the homogenous texture of cook-up starch. Or you can improve the texture of your casseroles and meatballs with the pearls.

SAGO Potato Pearls has its own dedicated web-site in Finnish and English. There you can find a wide range of recipes where SAGO can be used.

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