Organic Functional Ingredients Webinars @ BioFach eSpecial

I hope you all are fine and have remained healthy despite the difficult times! 2020 was certainly a different year for all of us and still we can not be sure when we will be back to “more-or-less normal”. Hopefully before the summer!

In just 2 weeks we will again have the globally most important show for the organic food business – the BioFach. However this time it will be online as a “BioFach eSpecial“. For me personally it will be the first time since 1995 that I am not travelling to Germany for the BioFach show.  So it will definitely be a different kind of BioFach. Nevertheless we think it is worth joining the show even in this situation despite the lack of physical contact and no possibility to taste products. For sure after the show we’ll be sending out a lot of samples. 

Of course with those of you who already know us, we can arrange video meetings and webinars at any time. But maybe you are oriented to interacting with talking heads on your screen that week anyway? Maybe even more interesting is that we are arranging a series of webinars during the 3 days at BioFach under several topics related to how to use our Organic Functional Ingredients in a wide range of applications and what are the benefits. We can support you in your product development with our focus in Natural Clean-label Organic food products.  

BioFach eSpecial will be open for visitor registrations starting from 9th February and the actual show days are 17th to 19th February. Please find us in the BioFach exhibitor catalogue and check out our webinars, arrange meetings and video calls with us and look at the product information we have uploaded. 

We have a limited number of free invitations. If you need one – or otherwise want to contact us before the show, please use our Contact form.   

Webinars and Round tables

Janis Garancs giving a application seminar at Biofach 2020.

A big part of our participation at BioFach will be the webinars we are arranging. The best way to check the current schedule is to visit our stand at BioFach eSpecial where you will find links to each webinar and round table. We will cover several aspects of Organic Food Development and Organic Functional Ingredients. I hope you will join us and the discussion. Naturally we will also be available for individual meetings with you on the BioFach eSpecial platform or other video meeting platforms. We will also publish the short versions of the webinars on our YouTube channel so you can watch them also afterwards.

10.00 – 11.00Organic Functional Ingredients Intro (Janis)Organic Functional Ingredients Intro (Erkki)Sustainability of ingredients; starches and proteins (Janis) 
13.00-14.00Unique benefits of Organic Potato Starch (Janis)Unique benefits of Brown Pea flours in organic food processing (Janis)Unique benefits of Brown Pea protein in organic food processing (Janis)
14.00-15.00Aloja Company presentation (Janis)Vegan meat with brown pea protein (Janis) Pea flour and Potato starch in snacks, pasta and breakfast cereals (Maris)  
15.00-16.00Benefits of potato starch and pulse flours in organic gluten-free baking (Janis)Packing options for organic gluten-free dry mixes (Raitis)Non-Dairy & Vegan cheese development ideas (Janis)
17.00-18.00Open Roundtable for Organic Functional IngredientsStand Party (let’s meet with a glass of wine 😊)

Export & Sales contacts:Aloja Starkelsen Ltd

  • Erkki Pöytäniemi, export director organic products
    • erkki (ät)  
    • tel: +358 50 5505225 
  • Janis Garancs, application specialist & general manager, Aloja Starkelsen Ltd
    • janis.garancs (ät)   
  • Maris Klavins, export manager, Aloja Starkelsen Ltd
    • maris.klavins (ät) 
    • tel:  +371 2 6389955
  • Raitis Sarkovskis, export manager, Aloja Starkelsen Ltd
    • including consumer packed products
    • raitis.sarkovskis (ät)  
    • tel: +371 2 9411481 

For any further information, please use our  Contact form.   

See you at BioFach!