The BioFach show for organic products in Nuremberg, Germany 10.-13.2.2016

Please come and discuss with us the possibilities that organic native and pre-gelatinised potato starch offer to your organic product development.

Organic Potato Starch

We are convinced that organic potato starch is your best option whenever you need starch or hydrocolloids in your food applications. Come and meet us to hear why. Developing organic food products can be challenging with such a restricted list of allowed additives. In many cases the clever use of potato starch can be a solution for you. With our vast knowledge of potato starch applications we can help.
Organic Pre-gelatinized potato starch
Apart from the standard native potato starch, we offer pre-gelatinized or cold-swelling potato starch that enables you to develop numerous new organic products and applications. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

We have in stock also Organic Dried Potato (<5%) starch to meet your needs.

Organic Baking Powder

We have introduced Organic Baking Powder with natural cream of tartar as a new organic product for the food industry. Organic potato starch as the carrier gives our baking powder double functionality for the best results in organic baking. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Organic potato starch from the leading manufacturers
Together Finnamyl Ltd from Finland and Aloja Starkelsen SIA from Latvia are the leading supplier of organic potato starch to the European and global market. Please visit our web-site at also for topical issues on our blog.

At BioFach you can find us in Hall 5. Finnamyl is exhibiting at the Finnish joint stand (Hall 5 / 5-131) and Aloja Starkelsen at the Latvian joint stand (Hall 5 / 5-376). Please contact us to schedule a meeting.


We are certified organic to the EU regulation. We are also NOP certified which gives you access to the North American organic market through third countries. In 2015 we were for the first time China organic certified offering access to the fast growing Chinese organic market. We are also BRC, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, GMP+, Kosher and Halal certified.

Reliable suppliers and consistent availability

With both Finnamyl Ltd and Aloja Starkelsen SIA expanding their production of organic potato starch, customers can count on high-quality, consistent, reliable and long-term supply of organic native potato starch.

Feel free to contact us for further information, offers and samples and for scheduling a meeting at BIOFACH. See you there!


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