The Nature of Potato Starch

Starch consists of granules. The granules often have the same shape as the raw material. The potato starch granules have potato shape and banana starch granules – banana shape.  

Potato starch has a characteristic look in the microscope.  The granules are oval and much bigger than the starch granules from other plants. In polarized light, you can see a cross on raw starch granules. It can be seen in all starches, but it is clearer in potato starch.

Potato starch differs from other starches because it has an extremely high peak viscosity. Also the swelling temperature is lower than other starches. High viscosity is often a very positive property, but also the solution that is formed through the breakdown (overswelling) of starch granules is useful if starch is used as a glue or a gelling agent.

The unique properties of potato starch derive from its double function in nature. Besides accumulation of sun energy in the seed, which is the purpose of all starches, potato starch must  maintain the high water content (approx. 80%) in potato to preserve its seed vitality in the spring.

In organic products we use these functionalities developed by nature and thereby we can replace chemical starch modifications which are not used in organic products. Understanding nature enables us to do better product development!

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